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Border Control with SRS eTrade

The future of Border Control is to seamlessly connect land borders to sea and air ports, providing Government authorities with holistic intelligence on who has crossed into their national territory.

The SRS eTrade incorporates fundamental data sets to assist in border control management covering a country’s entry/exit points via air, sea and land with integration capabilities to other systems.

  • Capture/store and manage details of passengers/visitors at every entry and exit point
  • Integrate to existing systems
  • Verify data with other intelligence sources
  • Facilitates decision-making process

Third Party Items Integrated with SRS eTrade

Wi-Fi Sensing Detector – Locates and tracks MAC address (media access control address) of mobiles, tablets and laptops. Analyzes the data and alerts of unusual activities or irregular events that are unusual for specific location/date/time. Creates statistical database. A tool to aid in monitoring crowd activities and movements in real-time.

Facial Recognition Technology – Using a single camera to measure distance in real time, recognizes and tracks multiple physical entities including face, people, objects, etc.

  • Identify individual via mobile, tablet, laptop
  • Biometric Identification - identify individuals in groups via facial recognition technology
  • Allows for monitoring/analyzing of crowd/suspects activities and movements in real-time
  • Facilitates decision-making and response-time


Data Analysis

Having collected and secured all relevant data from persons, it enables the performance of intelligent analysis by finding data relationships and recognizing Fraud Patterns on a suspect.

  • Build relationships (entities to existing data)
  • Monitor and Define fraud patterns
  • Define and Analyze suspicious activities
  • Rapid multi-dimensional filtering/fast search of data
  • Graphical viewing of data
  • Intelligent reporting on business statistics and activities


The Future of Border Control

  • Designed to capture and store persons data from variety of sources (air, sea, land)
  • Obtain network addresses of devices at entry/exit points including names of individuals for verification purposes
  • Capture, store and match facial images of individuals at entry/exit points and allows for matching of faces
  • Integrate to existing data sources and verify data with authorities and other intelligence sources
  • Allows for management of data entry/exit points – air, sea and land

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