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Our Services

SRS works closely with governments to identify needs and areas of improvements to ensure effective revenue collections, national security and to boost operational performance.

With our IT partners, we produce tailor-made and high value solutions with international standards to meet government requirements. SRS promotes capacity-building and provides dedicated onsite and offsite support services for day-to-day business operations and continuity.

Head Office
Secure Revenues System Holding B.V.
Ondernemingsweg 260,
1422 DZ Uithoorn,
The Netherlands

P: +31 20 504 1299

Secure Revenue Services
KA DTD 70,
No. 2, Mankata Close,
Airport Residential Area,
Accra, Ghana

P: (+233) (0) 303 969 330/331/332

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM